The Company

PLC SYSTEMS TECHNIK, INCORPORATED, (PSTI), is a wholly-owned Filipino corporation duly registered in the Philippines. It is young yet dynamic organization with over 20 years of combined experience in factory and process automation.

The company is registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 08, 2015. PSTI is not a new player in this industry as it used to operate under the name of Watchdog Automation Sales and Service (WASS) which was founded in May 2009 and registered in the Department of Trade and Industry as a sole-proprietor organization.

We build automation systems starting from concept to fully operational process control and turnkey projects. Our primary strength is with programmable logic controllers (PLC) and its associated devices.

Our Mission:

To deliver quality goods and services on time at a very competitive price, committed to our customers, and improve the lives of our associates.

Our Vision:

Global recognition in factory and process automation and SCADA/DCS systems integration.

Our Promise:

“We have you and YOUR client’s SATISFACTION in mind”


Alex Piedad Señagan, BSEE Founder and CEO